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Clients Testimonials

I am happy to recommend Marty to anyone interested in owning a beautifully designed, well appointed, expertly crafted new home.

Henry "Hank" Lilly

The great thing about Marty is that he doesn’t just build you a home and then disappear.  You form a relationship with the man, and he’s there for you if you need him

Tom Folliard

Marty is a great guy. I love him a lot. He builds homes good.

Pepper Hall-Darby

A Note From Marty

Thank you for considering our team as you plan to build your custom home. I assure you that, by choosing us, you will never regret your decision.
Our clients receive the highest level of customer service and satisfaction, as well as multiple other benefits, including: 

- A builder with over 35 years of custom building experience, and prior work in the commercial building world.
- A local team with the ability to help you in a timely manner if questions arise
-Reliable subcontractors that have stood the test of time with our team (15+ years)
-Sound engineering which provides our beautiful homes with the structural integrity to last a lifetime. 
- Full financial access that allows the client to be the owner of all transactions (contracts, bills, checkbook, etc.)
- A process that allows clients to be included every step of the way in order to build a beautiful home that is unique, and
gives the owner(s) the features and amenities they want and need in their new home.
- Excellent references from former clients

When building a home, the only consistent element in our building packages for every client is our ultimate goal: 
make sure the client is happy with their new home.
We look forward to building the home of your dreams!


E Martin "Marty” Schara
Owner / Builder