About Us


E Martin "Marty" Schara lll was born in Chicago.  He attended Holy Cross College in Worchester, MA, on an ROTC scholarship where he earned his B.S. Degree In Economics. Marty served four years in the US Marine Corps including one year in Vietnam.  He was honorably discharged at rank of Captain, and proceeded to earn his law degree from University of Virginia. He practiced Maritime Law for several years before discovering he had a natural affinity for conceptualizing  and building beautiful, highly functional, custom homes.  Marty has been enjoying building dream homes for customers since 1978.  

E Martin Schara LLC is a small company that is the umbrella entity of a select group of Contractors that have been together for Schara over 18 years.   While there is a architect on the team, much of the concepts and designs are created by Marty. While the design and construction is what clients fall in love with, the business side of the build/design program is complete and completely transparent.  The client sees where every dime goes.  Mr. Schara oversees each phase of the new home construction, ensuring quality workmanship as well as providing unparalleled customer service. 

Martin Schara, LLC has over three decades of quality building experience.  This custom builder has built 50 elegant oceanfront and bay front quality homes with many more inland.  His vast experience includes commercial building such as a 11–story Dolphin Inn Hotel on Virginia Beach oceanfront. 

The company’s success is founded on providing exceptional value for the customer, incomparable quality, and personal unequalled service. 
The exceptional value is received in zero mark ups, wholesale pricing, discounts from suppliers (as much as ½% Per month) and fiscally responsible and secure financial management.  In addition, customers receive full disclosure.  All expenses are approved by the customer and you are provided with monthly detailed expense reports as well as budget forecasting. 

The incomparable quality and personal service are found in builder Marty Schara’s commitment and integrity, combined with an outstanding team of tried-and-true construction sub contractors who have been with the company for many years.  These professionals have proven themselves to be honest, skilled and dependable. Without exception, you will find that they are a pleasure to work with and very responsive to your questions and needs.  

Building on the waterfront requires an exceptionally skilled builder with expertise at building watertight homes which are to be exposed to wind, weather and other unique conditions of waterfront living.  Case in point: after a hurricane, hit Topsail Island in North Carolina 10 years ago, aerial photos showed an entire beachfront littered with all the debris of what had been beautiful waterfront homes.  There was only one exception, the home built by E. Martin Schara still stood solid. 

Without exception, you will save money without sacrificing quality on an E. Martin Schara home, and here’s how:
- Full disclosure: you will visually approve all expenditures and specifications.
- No mark-ups: you will receive our contractor’s price on every purchase.
- Any and all discounts for early or prompt in-full payments to suppliers will be given back to you (as much as 1/2% per month).
- There will be no down time due to undependable workforce or permit issues.
- Excellent relationships with suppliers allow us to negotiate special prices on the best product names in the industry.
- After the home completion, you should have 20% to 40% gains in equity (a home recently completed in Fredericksburg gained one million dollars in equity at the time of completion).

    ** The home market conditions and the economy will affect these gains.