“I was fortunate to buy a Martin Schara “spec” house in Virginia Beach years ago.  My wife and I absolutely loved every quality detail of it.  While some of our friends were complaining about the shoddy construction and flaws of their new homes, we had the luxury of just sitting back and enjoying ours.  In fact we loved it so much, we asked Marty to come back and build us another one!  The great thing about Marty is that he doesn’t just build you a home and then disappear.  You form a relationship with the man, and he’s there for you if you need him. Long after he built our home, Hurricane Isabelle was on it’s way and we couldn’t find any plywood left in stores to cover our windows and doors.  I called Marty in a panic and he had a supply of plywood dropped off that same afternoon.  It is a pleasure working with and knowing Marty and Mike McHugh.  I highly recommend them and would be happy to tell you more anytime.”
 -Tom Folliard

“Martin Schara built our family a beautiful four bedroom / four bath home on 7904 Atlantic Avenue at the north end of Virginia Beach a few years ago. I am currently the new building manager of the new Biltmore – Washington International Airport in Maryland, but before that I was a home builder myself. So, when I say Marty builds a solid home, I know what I’m talking about. 

A Martin Schara home is built to last, especially in the area surrounded by water, wind, and occasional flooding. I don’t know how he does it, but his homes do not leak and that’s almost unheard of in this area.  More importantly, Marty is a man of his word.  When he says he will save your trees and take care of the environment, he does. When he says he has the best sub contractors in Hampton Roads – most of whom have been with him for years – he tells the truth. I think the fact that Marty’s team genuinely likes and respects him says volumes about his character. I am happy to recommend Marty to anyone interested in owning a beautifully designed, well appointed, expertly crafted new home.  If I ever decided to build another home, Martin Schara will be the man call.”
-Henry “Hank” Lilly

 I have known Marty for the last 12 months, as he and his crew built our new condo at 213 85th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.  Laurel and I are very excited about our new home.  Marty has been a consummate professional in every sense of the word.  He has guided Laurel and me through every aspect of building a new home.   We had many questions which he patiently answered.   We had many suggestions as to what we wanted.  He would agree or show us how it could be done better or more economically.  Most importantly, he was very conscientious with our financial resources and was always seeking the most economical and cost efficient way to build or solve a problem. 

The quality of work was exceptional from the laying of the foundation, to framing  of the house, to the siding and roofing, electrical, plumbing , doors and windows, painting, flooring, etc.  In each instance the work was put up for bid.  The subcontractors were excellent in each instance.  His foreman, Mike McHugh, was always at the job site and ran a very tight ship.  Mike and Marty had a very excellent working relationship with all of the subcontractors.  If we had any concerns they were addressed rapidly and any work related discrepancies were readily corrected.  

Working with the city can be a daunting task at times.  Marty was instrumental in forging a congenial working relationship with city officials and worked tirelessly to keep the inspection cycle on track.  Overall Marty and Mike had an excellent relationship with the subcontractors, vendors, city officials and our neighbors.  Due to there efforts Laurel and I have slept well at night knowing that we really had an outstanding team working to build our dream house.”
-Michael R Rohlfs    

“When my husband and I decided to build our first-ever new home in the Shadowlawn section of Virginia Beach four years ago, I had a small budget and big environmental specifics in mind.  We’ve been married for over 30 years and this was going to be the home that would last the rest of our lives.  My husband is a high school teacher and baseball coach and I am in advertising, so we weren’t rich and the money factor was pretty important. After meeting with several builders, we were completely discouraged.  No one was willing to build us a home on the odd-shaped lot we had for the budget we could afford.  In fact, one guy laughed at us. 

Then we met Marty Schara and Mike McHugh. Not only did Marty figure out the perfect way to build a home on our lot, he did it on our budget with no surprises or add-ons in the middle of the project like the horror stories we had heard from friends about their construction experience. Marty even saved the 100-year-old oak tree I loved by the coming up with an ingenious home design.  Every stop of the process,  we had friends who were architects come by after hours and check out the work. They were incredibly impressed and told us we were fortunate to have found a builder who obviously cared about quality.  They pointed out the other builders in the neighborhood who were slapping homes up left and right (all in the same design ) during the building frenzy in 2003.  The quality and unique design of ours stood apart from all of them. 

We moved in just as a huge tropical storm slammed into Virginia Beach.  I was scared to death, but our beautiful new home rode out the storm with no damage whatsoever.  We love our home and we recommend Marty and Mike to everyone.   They were a pleasure to work with and the customer service went way, way, way beyond the norm.  In fact, we’ve stayed in touch through the ensuing years.  I even called Mike last Christmas to help in deciding what kind of extension ladder would be right for my husbands gift.  They are, quite simply, the best of the best.”
-Candice & Norbie Wilson 

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